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Finnish Association of Physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor

Finnish Association of Physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor was founded 1993. The Society is a specialist member of the Finnish Association of Physiothrapists (FAP). The Society aims to unite its members, follow and develop pelvic floor physiotherapy and research.

The requirement to become a member in Finnish Association of Physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor is to also be a member of Finnish Association of Physiotherapists. The board accepts new members based on membership application. The Society has about 300 members. The Society informs in a Newsletter, professional publications and training events; co-operates with domestic and foreign counterparts. Annual General Meeting chooses board members from various parts of Finland.

Physiotherapy of pelvic floor

Continence physiotherapy – Prevention of functional disorders
Continence physiotherapy aims to prevent and care for various functional pelvic floor dissorders. For example, urinary and anal incontinence, prolapse, pain and constipation.

And positive effects
Pelvic floor muscular exercising has a positive effect on male and female sexual functions. The posture of lower back and support are dependent on the muscular condition of the pelvic floor muscles.

For both sexes
Continence physiotherapy is based on Doctors recommendations and given to children, male and female patients.

Regardless of age
All age groups, including the eldery, will respond to pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Individual therapy
Therapy is based on Doctors and Physiotherapists investigations. Results are used to form an individual treatment plan. Physiotherapy includes pelvic floor muscular assiessment and individual exercises with biofeedback, electrotherapy and advice.

As a Whole
Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach and includes evaluation of all structures which affect pelvic floor function.



Chairman Valpuri Seikkula

Secretary Tracey Nyholm